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The worlds leader in gig bags

We are Ritter. 25 years ago, we stepped out onto the global gig bag market with one vision: to provide the best gig bags for instruments. Superior protection, great carrying comfort, and an attractive design. To cater for all needs.

We didn’t want our bags to just hang around in the background as a supporting act: we thought they deserved a share of the limelight too. Our musicians take pride and joy in their instruments, and our bags are an expression of that.


Creating products with individual and unique look is our main goal when it comes to design. Therefore, we try to constantly evolve with innovative technologies and modern concepts.


Instrument cases must ensure the best possible protection. To meet this need, we maintain the highest standards in the quality of our products, offer fine materials and excellent workmanship at an affordable price.

About the lines

New collection – same mission for 25 years. We create gig bags for musicians who share our passion for music. Be it enthusiastic students, dedicated semi-pros, or full-time professionals. The RITTER Swiss Collection offers six grades of quality: choose the best class of protection and comfort for you and your instrument.

Whether it be our design-integrated striped markings and reflective lettering, or our anti-shock rubber bases, our bags enhance the safety of you and your instrument between performances. Pick your favorite style from the different design features in each series, and don’t miss out on our new customisable badge option.

Perfect protection with practical, high-comfort features and a modern design: the hallmark of a Ritter gig bag.


Arosa is the ultimate Swiss Alpine destination for those who appreciate quality. Pristine yet unpretentious, this understated sweet spot doesn’t need to show off: its calibre speaks volumes.

Always on the road and need the right outfit for your instrument?

Our Arosa series offers the very highest level of protection, including a cover for rain or snow. High-comfort details make your Ritter gig bag a superb travelling companion. Simply grab your instrument and hit the road.


The heart and capital of Switzerland.

All roads lead to Bern: Solid and dependable with an illustrious past, this city has stood proud and firm against the slings and arrows of fortune. You can rely on our Bern series to offer superior protection for your instrument. With over 100 models for all types of instrument, this is our flagship gig bag.

Ergonomically designed for both travel and everyday use. Simply grab your instrument and hit the road.

Showcase your style with attractive design features that are in sync with you and your instrument. And don’t miss our new badge option.


With a thriving bohemian and artist scene, Carouge is known as the “Greenwich Village of Geneva”.

Our Carouge series may not be a big name like some of its neighbours, but it definitely holds its own in an impressive line-up. This gig bag rocks an understated vibe yet still packs a tidy punch. Reliable protection, sturdy design, and easy everyday comfort.

Showcase your style with attractive design features that are in sync with you and your instrument. And don’t miss our new customisable badge option.


The highest town in the Alps, Davos is world renowned for its eclectic talents.

Our Davos series provides protection for a wide range of instruments and is a breeze for both transport and storage. Ideal for everyday stress-free handling in light to medium use.

Showcase your style with attractive design features that are perfectly in sync with you and your instrument. And don’t miss our new badge option.


Gazing out from the Jura mountain range, Evilard delivers an awe-striking vista over the Swiss Plateau and out to the Alps. 

The Evilard series is the bedrock of the six RITTER Swiss Collection quality grades.

Taking it back to basics? Evilard has all the essentials covered. Boasting straightforward protection and a pared back design, this gig bag never compromises on quality. 

Start a new musical journey with Evilard.


Easy-going and fun, Flims has made a name for itself as the freestyle snowboarding capital of Europe.

Our Flims series offers the essence of RITTER quality: sleek and stripped back to the bare essentials. So you can focus on the bigger picture: just you, your instrument, and the open road.

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